Yaskawa SGMG Servo Motors

Yaskawa SGMG Servo Motors

We sell & repair Yaskawa SGMG series servo motors. We sell both new and rebuilt motors. We can also repair motors. The average repairs cost $740. We have thousands of servo motors in stock and can easily furnish parts for them on a moments notice. We can also do emergency repairs, for a small fee. When we rush, we can get a servo motor out in as little as 24 hours.

Buy Yaskawa SGMG Servo Motors

We have thousands of Yaskawa servo motors in stock. The SGMG models are listed below on this page. We can send photos of the rebuilt motors upon request. If you’re wanting to buy a servo motor, fill out the form on the bottom of this page with the model number and your contact information. We can often get valves not on this page in a timely manner as well.

The main advantage of buying servo motors from us instead of the manufacturer is the lead time. We keep thousands of servo motors in stock so that when your line goes down, instead of waiting between 10 and 20 weeks to order a new valve. You can order one from us, and have it shipped to you and your line back up by the end of the week.

Repair Yaskawa SGMG Servo Motors

Repairing servo motors is often the most economically efficient option that you’re going to have. Not only are repairs done in a week if you don’t choose to expedite it, but our average repair cost is $740. Most rebuilt motors cost a few thousand. The new motors cost a lot more. Having the ability to get your existing motor repaired in a timely manner can be just what you need to get your line back up in a cost-effective way.

Fill out our form at the bottom of the page and we’ll send you a quote.

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    Yaskawa SGMG Servo Motors In Stock

    yaskawa sgmg 03a68b

    yaskawa sgmg 05awabb

    yaskawa sgmg093 2abb

    yaskawa sgmg 09asa

    yaskawa sgmg 13a2ab

    yaskawa sgmg 1aa2ab

    yaskawa sgmg 1av2ab

    yaskawa sgmg 20a2ab

    yaskawa sgmg20a2bac

    yaskawa sgmg 20awabf

    yaskawa sgmg30a2b

    yaskawa sgmg30awabf

    yaskawa sgmgh05dca61

    yaskawa sgmgh 13a2a6c

    yaskawa sgmgh 13a2a yr22

    yaskawa sgmgh13dca61

    yaskawa sgmgh 13dca61

    yaskawa sgmgh 1adza6c

    yaskawa sgmgh 20dca61

    yaskawa sgmgh 30aca61

    yaskawa sgmgh 30aca6c

    yaskawa sgmgh 449ca61

    yaskawa sgmgh 44aca61

    yaskawa sgmgh 75dca6c

    yaskawa sgmgh series possibly 1adza6c