Eaton Valves

Eaton Servo Proportional Valves

Eaton servo valves and Eaton proportional valves. We have over 15,000 valves in stock. We have a wealth of parts and as a result, we can repair valves significantly faster than our peers as we can just go back into the warehouse to grab parts.

Buy Eaton Servo Valves

Buy new or rebuilt Eaton servo valves or Eaton proportional valves.  We have a rebuild/exchange program if you want to trade in your old valve and we send you one of our rebuilt ones and give you a discount on your order.

Repair Eaton Servo Valves

If you are looking to repair Eaton servo valves or Eaton proportional valves, you’ve come to the right place. We also can do emergency repairs for a fee. For those of you with a line down, we can repair your valves in 24 hours for a $250 dollar fee. We can also do a 72-hour repair for $150 if you’re looking for a more economical approach. We can also do overnight shipping if needed.