Buy Or Repair Parker Abex 450-2228

Parker-Abex 450-2228

We carry the Parker-Abex 450-2228 servo proportional valve. We have it in stock. We carry a 1-year warranty with it as well. At NC SERVO we keep 15,000 valves in stock. We’re well known in the valve industry as we’ve been in business since 1975.

Buy The Parker-Abex 450-2228

We have the Parker-Abex 450-2228 In Stock and ready to ship at a moments notice. If your line is down and you need to get it up and running, you should work with us. We ship on your shipper and can overnight it to you. Sometimes people will even fly up and pick the valve up so that they can get thier machine up and running in a matter of hours.

Repair The Parker-Abex 450-2228

We have the ability to repair the Parker-Abex 450-2228. Our typical repair time is about 7 days or 1 week. We have the ability to rush repair valves for a $250 dollar fee. This means that we will repair the valve and deliver it back to you within 24 hours for the normal repair fee, plus the rush fee. We usually charge around 800 to repair valves, this repair amount is determined on a case by case basis depending on the amount of work we have to put in. Give us a call, fill out a form or email us and we can diagnose your situation.