Yuken Valves

Yuken Valves

Buy Yuken Valves

At Nc Servo Technology, we proudly carry Yuken Valves. We carry over 15,000 servo-proportional valves in stock. We sell new and rebuilt Yuken valves. We also do rebuild / Exchanges where you can trade in your valve that doesn’t work anymore for a big discount on the working rebuilt valve we send you. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get started.

Repair Yuken Valves

Repair Yuken servo valves and Yuken proportional valves. We can do emergency repairs too. We have over 15,000 valves in stock, so we can draw parts from in-stock scrap valves to assist in the rebuilding or repair of your valve. We also have many test stands directly from some of the companies. We can do repairs in 24 Hours for an additional $250 dollar fee. We can also do repairs in 72 hours for an additional $150 dollar fee. Fill out the form on the bottom of the page for a quote.

About Us

Our owner Eddie Harmon started in 1966 and has run NC Servo since 1975. He’s trained with most manufacturers. We have state of the art test stands and even a Moog factory test stand that we use for calibration and diagnostics. We do a lot of services for Yuken proportional valves.

We do the following sales and services:

We Sell Yuken Proportional Valves

We Repair Yuken Proportional Valves

We Modify Yuken Proportional Valves

We Rebuild Yuken Proportional Valves

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    At the present time, we have 179 Yuken proportional valves in stock. We have 15,000 valves in stock between all the brands. More often than not, a Yuken valve can be swapped out for another brand. One common example is Moog.

    Here Is A List Of Yuken Valves We Carry

    YUKEN SE1011-10 YUKEN BSG032B3AD24N4680
    YUKEN SE1012-40-10 YUKEN DG4V-3-2A-M-P7-H-7
    YUKEN SE1012-40-10 YUKEN DG4V-3-6C-M-P7H-7-50
    YUKEN SE1012-40-11 YUKEN DHG-06-2B2B-T-5031
    YUKEN SE1012-40-11 YUKEN DHG-06-3C12-T-5033
    YUKEN SE1012-40-11 YUKEN DSG012B2D24N50
    YUKEN SE1012-40-11 YUKEN DSG-01-2D2-D24-N50
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1101 YUKEN DSG-01-3C4-D24-60
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1101 YUKEN DSHG-041-2B2
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1101 YUKEN DSHG042B250130
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2B2-50130
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2B2-50130
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2B2-50130
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2N2A-C1-D24-N-50103
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2N2A-CI-D24-N-50-103
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2N2A-CL-D24-N-50
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2N2A-CL-D24-N-50-103
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSHG-04-2N2A-CL-D24-N-5C403
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN DSWG-03-3C2-D24-N-10
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1106 YUKEN EDG-01H-11
    YUKEN SE1012-40-1107 YUKEN EDG-01V-H-1-PNT09-50
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1001 YUKEN EFBG-03-125-H-15T145
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1001 YUKEN EFCG-02-30-N-31
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1101 YUKEN EHDG-01V-C-S-PNT15M00-5012
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1101 YUKEN EHDG-01V-C-S-PNTNM00-5012
    YUKEN SE1013-ET1201 YUKEN EHFBG-06-250-C-1001
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN ESHG-06-2-0320-ET-1022
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN ESHG-06-2-120-ET-1022
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN ESHG-06-2B1-10-E-M-1R-1010
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN ESHG-06-2B1-10-E-M-1R-1010
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN ESHG-10-2B-120-E-M-1R-1111
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN GHG-04-2N2A-CL-D24N-50109
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN RG-03-C-2090
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1201 YUKEN SB1099-02-140-4-B-6105
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1301 YUKEN SB1099-02-140-4-B-6205
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1301 YUKEN SB1099-04-140-26-4-50
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1301 YUKEN SB1099-06-140-25-4-5005
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1301 YUKEN SB1099-06-140-47-4-50
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1301 YUKEN SB1099-06-14-0-4-H-6205
    YUKEN SE1013-ET-1301 YUKEN SB1099-06-140-57-4-145-6252
    YUKEN SE1014-E-1201 YUKEN SB1099-06-140-57-4-145-6253
    YUKEN SE1014-E-1301 YUKEN SB1100-02-140-20-4-5005
    YUKEN SE1014-E-1301 YUKEN SB1100-03-175-11-4-1002
    YUKEN SVD-F103-20-7.5.1016 YUKEN SB1100-03-175-11-4-50
    YUKEN SVD-F103-20-7.5-1016 YUKEN SB1100-03-175-28-4-47-6107
    YUKEN SVD-F11-10-7.5-1104 YUKEN SB1100-06-140-4-F-6205
    YUKEN SVD-F11-19-17.5-22/04 YUKEN SB1110-11
    YUKEN SVD-F11-19-7.5-2013 YUKEN SB1110-11
    YUKEN SVD-F11-19-75-22 YUKEN SB1110-11
    YUKEN SVD-F11-20-7.5-11 YUKEN SB1166-L-01-140-4-83-1005
    YUKEN SVD-F13-60-20-10 YUKEN SB1166-L-01-140-4-83-1105
    YUKEN SVD-F18-40-100-10 YUKEN SB1166-R-03-140-4-76-1205
    YUKEN PUMP A1670-LR01H01:1C-6002 YUKEN SD1167-280-10AD-E-CB-10
    YUKEN PUMP A56LR01HK323 YUKEN S-DSG-03-3C12-D24-5040