Return Policy


Our Return Policy

Our return policy is as follows. NC Servo Technology offers a six (6) month warranty on all repaired units from the date of the invoice. The warranty on purchases of Rebuilt Exchange, Rebuilt and New valves are one (1) year from the invoice date. NC Servo Technology reserves the right to have sole discretion in determining if the unit qualifies for a warranty evaluation/repair. Units will not be considered for a warranty repair that have been: abused, misused, for normal wear & tear, contamination, improper hook up, improper electrical signals/pressures, and tampering. If it is deemed that a warranty is valid, the decision is solely up to NC Servo Technology to decide on the course of action: your unit will be repaired, replaced or a refund issued. NC Servo Technology assumes no responsibility or liability with the use of the product.


All of our units come with a year warranty. If you have any major issues please let us know at the phone number: (734) 326-6666.