Moog Valves

Moog Servo-Proportional Valves

If you are looking to Buy or Repair A Moog Servo-proportional valve, you’ve come to the right place. NC Servo has been in the business of working on servo valves and proportional valves since 1975. Our owner Eddie, has been working on valves since 1966.

We have over 15,000 servo proportional valves in stock. We have the capability to repair nearly any servo-proportional valve, though the largest portion of the valves that we carry are Moog valves. As a direct result of this, when your line is down, more often than not, we will have the parts needed to either repair or rebuild the valve and give you the ability to get your line running again.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to either get a quote to buy or to repair a Moog servo valve or Moog proportional valve. Below this paragraph is a list of the most common valve series that we carry. If you follow each link you should be able to get semi-regularly updated inventory for each valve series.

Valves typically come with a 1 Year Warranty. We can do emergency repairs In 24 Hours For A $250 Fee. We can do emergency repairs in 72 hours for a $150 dollar fee.