Parker Products & Services

Parker Products & Services are something we do at NCServo. We carry their motors, encoders, and drives. NC Servo carries warranties on most of our products that we either sell or repair. We carry a 1-year warranty on almost everything of the products that we carry, ask for more info when filling out the form and we can provide it.  We also offer 24-hour emergency repairs on nearly all products.

Buy, Repair & Rebuild Parker Servo Valves

We sell, repair & rebuild Parker Servo valves. We have a 1-year warranty that we provide on nearly all of our products. Fill out the quote form at the bottom of the page to get started. We also have the ability to do overnight shipping and the ability to do 24-hour emergency repairs. This is a great option if your factory is down and you need to have the valve as soon as possible. We have over 15,000 valves in stock and have been doing servo valve repairs since June 6th of 1966.  Our owner Eddie Harmon has 52 years experience repairing and rebuilding servo valves.

Buy, Repair & Rebuild Parker Proportional Valves

We sell, repair & rebuild Parker Proportional Valves. We have a 1-year warranty on the vast majority of our Parker proportional valves.  We do a rush order for an additional fee and can often have them done in 24 hours or less. We give the option for overnight shipping too for an additional fee. We have over 15,000 valves in stock, this is a mix of servo valves, proportional valves, and turbine valves. If you fill out the quote form on the bottom, mention what you need to be done, how many of them, if you need a rush order done or if it’s a normal order.

Here Are The Parker Series That We Have In Stock

Parker02     Parker 10    Parker 23    Parker 45

Parker 801234    Parker bd15    Parker bd30   Parker bd760 

Parker Be34

 Parker Bertea 234912    Parker D1FBE    Parker D1FHE   

 Parker D1fLE   Parker D1FTE     Parker D1FWE

   Parker D1FXE     Parker D1V

Parker D31     Parker D3FPE     Parker D3FTE     Parker D41

Parker D81     Parker D91     Parker EHD     Parker EW

Parker EZ     Parker MPM      Parker MRFN     Parker PMC

Parker ST10     Parker TDA     Parker VTDAD      Parker VWPL

Parker WPL

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