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Honeywell Proportional Valves

We proudly carry Honeywell Products & Services. We carry over 15,000 valves in stock. We have testing stands from. Our owner Eddie Harmon started in 1966 and has run NC Servo since 1975. He’s trained with most manufacturers. We have state of the art test stands and even a moog factory test stand that we use for calibration and diagnostics. We do a lot of services for Honeywell Servo valves.

We do the following sales and services:

We Sell Honeywell Servo Valves

We Repair Honeywell Servo Valves

We Modify Honeywell Servo Valves

We Rebuild Honeywell Servo Valves

At the present time we have 153 Honeywell Servo valves in stock. We have 15,000 valves in stock between all the brands. More often than not, a Honeywell valve can be swapped out for another brand. One common example is Moog.

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