Buy & Repair Moog J641 Valves

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Buy & Repair Moog J641 Valves

Moog Valve Repairs

We repair Moog J641 valves & we can do emergency repairs with a 24-hour turn around time as well for +$250 to the order. We can also do 72-hour repairs for +$150. We have the ability to overnight valves to you if you are the one paying for it.

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  • We Do Emergency 24-Hour Valve Repairs

Buy Moog J641 Valves

We have thousands of servo-proportional valves for sale. With over 15,000 valves in stock, we tend to be able to provide them faster than the manufacturer. We even have Moog J641 valves in stock. Many of our valves are new and still in the box with complete documentation available. We have others that were once used but were rebuilt and run perfectly. If you have old valves to trade in you can get a discount on buying a rebuilt.

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